3 Ways How You Can Test Web Applications With Loadero

In the last decade the application market has grown significantly. Messaging, fintech, and other web applications are no longer a rarity. Also, the number of smart device users has risen sharply, reaching 2.5 billion in 2018. However, tremendous challenges arise. Making sure that these applications can handle user load and work seamlessly, without errors on a broad range of devices and browsers requires troubleshooting web based applications.

The need for testing web apps is growing. That is why we came up with our own web app testing tool – Loadero. It’s a performance and load testing tool with premium features like – Selenium scripting, multiple browser support, worldwide test coverage, fake media in tests and more awesome stuff to use, when you have to test web application.

Our web app testing tool is developed in close consulting with engineers at TestDevLab, and their great experience allows us to build a product that fulfills real world needs for testing. You can start a free trial and run free tests to see how it can help to improve your app. Here are just three of the scenarios, where Loadero can help you.

WebRTC Application Testing

Real-time communication applications are quite common nowadays. But running end-to-end tests and making sure that they work seamlessly brings up a hefty challenge for QA engineers.

Loadero simplifies the creation, running and hosting of end-to-end tests for real-time communication applications. These tests will exercise all flows involved in the application and provide a way to do performance assertions. Loadero can be also used to test WebRTC applications that require webcam and microphone inputs. Once the tests have finished running, WebRTC statistics like jitter, latency, and bandwidth are available for further analysis. If certain thresholds for statistics are known, they can be enforced with post-run assertions. Loadero can distinguish different users of a conversation and divide them into groups. For example, it is possible to run different test scripts for the host of a video conference and its attendees. Tests can be run from 12 different locations spanned all across the globe.

Automated Testing Across Different Browsers

Different web browsers and their versions have different behavior. When updating a browser, sometimes your application can break without you even knowing due to some changes in the browser itself. Constant troubleshooting web based applications across different browser versions is a must!

Loadero can help you perform automated testing across different browsers and browser versions. With the help of Selenium assertions, you will be able to identify UI issues and potential memory leaks that occur on different browsers since client machine statistics are provided. Another scenario that QA loathe is testing under bad network conditions. You can do it in our web app testing tool as well. Different network condition simulations can be easily automated with Loadero’s built-in network conditioner. You can set custom networking parameters for different participants and observe the changes in your application’s behavior.

Troubleshooting Web Applications In Preparation For Sudden Increase In Traffic

Are you 100% sure your app can handle sudden increase in traffic? Have you tested it? Make sure the success of your marketing efforts does not cause issues in your web app. Preparation for increased load usually consists of adding more compute power. In addition it also requires to test the limits of traffic that can be handled.

With Loadero, these end-to-end load tests can be performed very easily. At the same time, it takes just a couple of clicks to turn your existing performance tests to load tests with thousands of users. These load tests can be run across the globe to simulate users coming from different regions and assert potential latency due to the distance to the server. Since it is expected for some application users to not be on perfect network conditions, that can add a strain on the back-end server, which has to be accounted for during the preparation phase. Networking issues can be simulated using the built-in network conditioner. Take a look at this blog post with detailed info on load testing a web service.

We have been in the software quality assurance field for over 7 years and understand the importance of software quality. We are proud to be able to provide tools for the software testing industry that can improve the quality of work for QA engineers and ultimately improve the applications. Loadero is a web app testing tool that allows just that!

We’re ready to lead you towards success! Looking for a quote or just have a question? Feel free to contact us!

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