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What’s New In Loadero (November 2020)

November was a big month for Loadero in terms of updates. We were working on the compute units feature for a long time and are very happy that now we provide our customers even more control over configuring test participants. We improved our test runner stability and made some important fixes. We are proud to share what has been updated and are sure that this will help you to run even better tests with us.

Compute power setting for participants

A very anticipated feature for setting compute power has been added. Applications that our customers test are different and have different demands for end user machine resources. That is why we added compute units setting in test participant creation, it allows to optimize cost of running the tests for the applications that don’t use much compute power, and test very resource demanding applications as well. Make sure to read this blog post with an explanation of compute units and how to use them

Compute power setting

We also updated our pricing, now it is based on the compute units usage instead of participants usage. So visit our pricing page to see if you can launch your tests in Loadero cheaper now.

Video autoplay

We enabled video autoplay in both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers for the Loadero test participants. If that is something that can impact your existing Loadero tests, make sure to review them and update accordingly.

Accepting untrusted SSL certificates

Sometimes when testing a website, accepting untrusted SSL certificates is necessary. For example to allow testing websites that are in development and security concerns have not yet been fully addressed. It can be a pop-up you have to click or a link. This extra step is not always expected, when you are working on your test script. Running a test in the Session recording mode or adding commands for taking screenshots previously helped to identify the need to accept. Now we enabled acceptSslCerts in our test runner for this.

Untrusted SSL certificate

New browsers support

Mozilla Firefox 83 and Google Chrome 87 were released and added to Loadero, so make sure to test your applications and websites with the latest browser’s versions.

New browsers versions

Some important bug fixes

This month some very important fixes have been made in Loadero. That includes  fixing a server-error triggered due to syntax errors in JavaScript code, some fixes that improved the test runner stability and some smaller updates in the Loadero application and website pages.

We want to thank all Loadero users who shared their feedback and helped us see all the opportunities for improvement. Your opinion is very valuable and important to us and it shapes how we work on updating Loadero. If you have suggestions, feature requests, found an issue or just want to share impressions from using our service, please feel free to contact us, we appreciate it a lot.

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