What’s New In Loadero (October 2020)

Loadero customers around the world take quality assurance and testing seriously, we understand this and work hard to provide a cloud-hosted testing service to fit client’s needs. Over the past couple months we added new features and browser support to make sure Loadero users can achieve their testing needs. We are proud to share our latest updates in this blog post.

New browsers support

Mozilla Firefox 81 and 82 as well as Google Chrome 85 and 86 were released this autumn. They are already present in Loadero, so if you haven’t tested your application with the newest versions yet, make sure to do it.

New media for WebRTC testing

One of the popular Loadero use cases is testing WebRTC applications, which is possible with our built-in media for simulating microphone and webcam inputs. We have updated our media files  – now all of them are running at 30 FPS with specific common audio file and frame markers that aid quality assessment.

For detailed information about our newest media check out our Wiki.

Access to location for your tests

We added access to location for tests created in Loadero, now you can test websites that require location access.

Website requesting location access

Updates to the Loadero API

Loadero has an exposed REST API that can be used to control test creation and execution without the need for the frontend application. Recently we have refactored project API access – now it is simpler to add authorization for the requests you make to Loadero API. We also added an API endpoint for reading all classificator values at once, which will simplify the development of your tests if you are using Loadero API. 

Since we are seeing a growing demand for Loadero API usage, we see that there is a need to ensure that everyone can access Loadero API and specific users do not block API access for others. Hence we have implemented API access rate limitation based on user IP address. This should prevent someone accidentally creating a DDoS attack on the system by attempting to modify too many resources at a time.

Anticipated feature coming soon

We are happy to announce that very soon there will be changes in Loadero pricing. These changes come along with a new feature of choosing computing power per participant that will allow to run tests of very resource-demanding applications in Loadero on one hand, and pay less for tests with low client-side machine resource usage on the other. This feature required a lot of changes for us, but it is coming very soon! Sign up to Loadero to be among the first to use it.

We hope the improvements will allow you to save some time while running tests in Loadero and help you get even more insights from the results. We are improving our service constantly, and customer feedback is valuable to us. So if you want to share your opinion or ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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