What’s New In Loadero (August 2020)

It is the end of August already and summertime has almost passed. When we look back at all the features and improvements added to Loadero in the last three months, it’s safe to say that a great amount of work has been done. In this month we have completed a major infrastructure refactoring, improved Loadero’s API, and made our test run results reports even easier to analyze. We pay a lot of attention to what our customers say about the features they require, so if you use Loadero and lack something or don’t start using because a feature is not present yet – make sure to drop us a line about it to support@loadero.com.

Here’s a list of the main updates in Loadero in August:

  • We added support for Mozilla Firefox 80 and Google Chrome 85 browsers.
  • Machine graphs are finally available! You can now inspect results for each individual test participant to see their machine resource usage over time.
  • Performance and stability improvements for Loadero API. This should result in improved app loading times as well as API response times.
  • We completed a major refactoring of Loadero backend infrastructure meaning that we will be able to deliver new awesome features to you even faster!
  • We have made some API parameters optional. When creating or modifying participant information, it is no longer necessary to provide location, network and media type values in the request, they will always be initialized to defaults (for location Oregon region will be used as the default).
  • Updated setRequestHeader and setUserAgent custom commands so that you can modify User-Agent header value using any of the two commands.
  • Made the script modal adjustable in the results view, so now you can see more of the script in a single view.
  • Minor fixes as well as performance improvements for the Loadero web application.

Big improvements and feature additions took place recently in Loadero, but we have a lot more planned in the near future. Let us know what you use the most in your performance and load tests, this highly valuable knowledge will help us deliver a convenient and feature-rich testing tool to fit your needs. And don’t forget to try the new with our free trial, sign up now!

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