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What’s New In Loadero (June 2020)

Time really does fly, it is already the end of June, and we are here with yet another Loadero news update! This month it has been insanely hot here in Latvia, but we’ve managed to keep our heads cool and focus on the tasks at hand – to deliver the best possible features to you! This month we have focused on some smaller things, as we see demand for these features. If you have something you would like to see implemented in Loadero, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Here’s a list of the main updates in Loadero this month:

  • We added support for Mozilla Firefox 77 browser.
  • Added audio recording feature to Loadero participants. Currently available only when using API to create participants. This feature allows recording full audio from a participant session.
  • You can now specify fully customized network conditions in your test using our custom updateNetwork() command. We have added configuration options and functions that allow you to update only a specific parameter of the current network conditions, such as bitrate. Read more about how to do that in our wiki.
  • We have added more filtering options for Machine Statistics overview in test results. While charts for these statistics are coming in the future, additional filtering options allow you to get a better overview of the resources used during the test.
  • We have also been working on multiple internal systems to reduce the time needed to notice and resolve different issues that can come up. With all these systems in place, we are able to monitor service status with much higher precision and are able to react to events faster than ever before.

That is all for this month, we are very excited about the features we have planned and coming to you in the future! Head to Loadero.com and check out our latest features yourself!

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