What’s New In Loadero (March 2020)

March has been a month full of uncertainty all around the world, there is no denying it. COVID-19 has struck the world and we are doing our part in stopping the disease by transferring our team fully remote. Our engineers are working from home but still doing their best to deliver quality features as we are aware that many companies will soon be looking for load testing solutions. 

We have also launched an offer to any company that is helping to overcome the crisis. If you are in any way involved in actively helping the world to fight COVID-19, do reach out to us and we will do our best to help you speed up the development of your product.

Here’s a list of the main updates in Loadero this month:

  • We added support for Mozilla Firefox 74 browser. Due to the current global situation, Google has decided to postpone the release of Google Chrome 81 browser hence new Google Chrome releases in Loadero will be postponed as well.
  • We’ve updated our documentation site! Head there and check it out as you will definitely find something that is helpful to you. If you notice anything missing or unusual, don’t hesitate to let us know!
  • We have completed a major upgrade of the test run scheduling mechanism, now you can run tens or even hundreds of tests in parallel. This update applies to all test modes and, of course, to tests launched on custom AWS accounts.
  • We have added assert preconditions to our web application! Head to loadero.com to add preconditions to your existing asserts!
  • Improved reliability of session record test mode for short tests – sometimes the recording was not stored.
  • Fixes and improvements for app loading screens, now when fetching data for logs and WebRTC statistics you will see a progress bar of how much of your data has been downloaded so far.
  • Added resource ID subheader in our app. This will help you to start using our API – just copy and paste ID where resource ID is needed.

That sums up the main updates from the Loadero team in March. We hope to bring you more updates next month and, hopefully, we will be moving past COVID-19 and recovering as a whole. We will stay working from home, please do the same if you have the chance. 

Stay safe and keep an eye out for more updates from Loadero!

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