What’s New In Loadero (November 2019)

Can’t believe that November is over, we did not notice how quickly this month went by. While everyone is looking forward to Christmas, we were busy working on some great improvements for Loadero. Last month we focused on improving the infrastructure to prepare it for the new features that we want to implement next year.

Here’s a list of the main updates in Loadero in November:

  • Our main focus has been on improving communications protocol in our backend to simplify test execution and introduce new capabilities for Loadero
  • Additionally, we have fixed some bugs in both backend and frontend:
    • Zero width characters are no longer accepted
    • Very long search queries do not break the application
    • Fixed inconsistencies in status codes returned by our API
    • Many other small fixes
  • Improved debug logging for TestUI in performance tests – even more information is displayed to ease debugging problems
  • Added WWW-Authenticate header for our Authentication service to comply with RFC 7235
  • Added video and audio streams that are built for quality testing. These streams include marked video frames as well as DTMF audio stream
  • Updated test run creation, improving the performance of API requests and frontend application
  • Created a wiki page describing different elements in Loadero results view
  • Optimized AWS instance types that are used in Loadero as a result from update on AWS instance limit calculation

If you didn’t find something to help you with these changes, don’t worry, they are leading to great improvements and we are sure that you will find them very useful! Have a great end of the year and Merry Christmas from the Loadero team!

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