What’s New In Loadero (August 2019)

August was a hectic month for Loadero as we were developing many new features as well as attending Twilio Signal conference! We were showcasing Loadero at Signal, as well as meeting other companies to help us grow even bigger. We enjoyed SIGNAL, did you have a chance to attend it as well?

These are the main features we have added this month:

  • TestUI fully supported with all custom commands as with Nightwatch.js and webRTC internals dump
  • We have added Paris and Hong Kong to supported regions. They are fully supported and have the same features as all other regions
  • Asserts now have a “regex” operator available. This means that not only thresholds can be asserted, but patterns can be matched as well
  • Added webRTC codec asserts for audio and video. The codecs can be asserted for one media track of each kind (asserts available for both incoming and outgoing media streams)
  • Browser logs can be previewed in Loadero app, and we’ve also updated the timestamp format for browser logs – it will now be displayed as a human-friendly date
  • You can now supply a new name when duplicating test, group or participant
  • There is a new custom command for both Java and JavaScript to update User-Agent header for outgoing requests mid-test. Read about it more in our documentation.

Head to loadero.com and try out the new features if you have not done that yet and let us know what you think, we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts! If there are other features that you would like to see in Loadero in the future, let us know as we value your opinion!

Happy testing and stay tuned for the next update as other features are already in the works!

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