What’s New In Loadero (September 2019)

Wintertime is approaching with big steps, and the weather outside is preparing us for that with some cold mornings here in Latvia! But that is not an issue as we have had a blast this month creating new functionality for Loadero. We also had a team-building event where we were testing out some small cars!

Here’s a list of the main updates in Loadero this month:

  • We added Google Chrome 77 and Mozilla Firefox 69 browsers
  • Downloads are now supported in tests. This means that you can download files in the test and they will be uploaded back to Loadero so that you can check them out after the test. Read more about downloads in our wiki
  • We have migrated to standardised getStats() API for WebRTC stats. This changes the format in which Google Chrome writes WebRTC stats, thus complying with W3C standard. The Google Chrome team has also prepared a document to help migrating tools between both formats, you can access that document here
  • We have removed some deprecated API fields, so if you are using our API and feel that something has changed, double-check our API documentation to make sure that you have updated to the latest version
  • We have added an option to specify name when duplicating a resource, such as a test. This will rename the copied resource immediately and you won’t have to rename it yourself

Make sure to check out the new features and let us know what you think about them! We will be working hard in the months to come on some features that will improve the overall user experience and, of course, add new functionality to Loadero! Subscribe to our newsletter and stay on top of the news!

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