What’s New In Loadero (December 2023)

Welcome back to the Loadero newsletter and a happy new year to you all! As we look back at 2023 we see that it has been a rocky year and we are as eager as ever to move onwards to 2024! But before we jump into the new year, we wanted to bring you updates on what new features have been added in December.

Receiving emails during a test

A noteworthy new feature added last month is the ability to receive and process email messages during tests. This allows you to handle cases like receiving a verification code, confirmation links, and much more. 

In order to receive an email during the test, you will need to use a specific email address that Loadero will be listening on to receive emails. This email address will be tied to your tests and no one else except for you will be able to receive emails on behalf of that address, ensuring maximum security for the emails you may receive.

We have created 2 new custom commands to enable this functionality. The first of these commands creates the specific email address for you to use during the test so you know what address to use that will be able to receive email messages (here is the documentation for JS, Java and Python versions). The second command should be used to retrieve all messages received in a specific inbox. You will not only receive the messages themselves; you can process information such as the sender and subject as well. This command functionality allows you to receive multiple email messages throughout the test, and these messages are not discarded until the test is finished, so repetitive processing throughout the test is possible. Read the documentation for JS, Java or Python versions of this custom command in our Wiki.

Public release of our new test builder

Filled test details

We are very excited to announce that the new test builder experience is going out of beta and becoming the primary (and only) version of test creation! The new test builder preview has been available for a while now and everyone was able to toggle it on or off but as of December we have made it the only version available. 

The new test builder version brings various improvements to Loadero test creation experience including things like groupless participants, more options for assert preconditions as well as various improvements that should help you get more out of Loadero. We also have various updates planned for the future that will be aided by the redesigned test builder, so stay tuned for those!

Various fixes and improvements

As always, we have also made a lot of smaller improvements to existing features of Loadero, making our platform better and fixing various issues. Some of the more notable improvements include updates to our API documentation, some improvements and clarifications in our Wiki as well as better handling of run metrics – they are now calculated in more cases than before.

In the past couple of weeks we have launched a new landing page that is aimed towards our load test creation service. With years of experience in the load testing industry, we have acquired knowledge that would be useful to anyone looking to load test their service. 

Support for new browser versions

As per usual, we have maintained the availability of new browser versions within the week of their appearance. This month we have added support for:

  • Google Chrome 120;
  • Mozilla Firefox 121.

And that concludes this monthly newsletter. We wish you a happy new year filled with success and we are looking forward to coming back to you with more updates next month!