What’s New In Loadero (September 2023)

As another month has passed, another development cycle has finished during which we’ve been focusing on fixing various issues as well as working on new features for Loadero.

Stability improvements across the platform

You may have noticed that this has been a recurring theme in recent months. As of the beginning of summer we’ve switched focus from pushing on new features towards making all kinds of improvements to our existing features. And September has been no exception in that sense as we have improved test start procedure which should now be more reliable as well as faster. This, coupled with other smaller changes has resulted in significant improvement in test launch reliability.

Full support for execution timing

The step execution timing is a feature we’ve announced a while ago, but now we’ve completed the work we had intended. Now you can fully take advantage of timed steps by creating assertions for timeExecution (use the new test builder) as well as you will be getting execution timing metrics for the whole run, so you can get the averages across all participants.

Time Execution metrics

Deprecation notice: WebRTC dump format will change

A while ago we announced that we’ve included a statsType field in all of our WebRTC dumps. This field is intended to replace reliance on the track names, so you should start the migration to rely on statsType, if you haven’t done so already! In order to reduce complexity, increase consistency and comply with spec more, we are planning to remove this field key translation. If you have questions about this process and how the WebRTC internals would look in the future, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

WebRTC chart titles

New recent runs list UI

This month we have also refreshed the UI of recent runs page. We are quite excited about the way our new recent runs page looks like. We’ve made sure to include information that we’ve heard from our customers to be relevant and made it immediately available. It might take a bit of time to get used to, but we are confident that this is a definite step forward.

New recent runs UI

Support for new browser versions

We have added support for two more browser versions:

  • Mozilla Firefox 118;
  • Google Chrome 117.

Other fixes and improvements

While the most notable changes have already been mentioned, there have been a bunch of smaller improvements made as well. This includes even more improvements and fixes to our new test builder, fixes to script preview modal and a bunch more bugs that you might not even have noticed.

In any case, that’s all for our September newsletter! We will be getting back to work on some more exciting features, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!