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What’s New In Loadero (May 2021)

Every month we are making some changes to Loadero to offer a better tool for your performance and load testing, and May wasn’t an exception. Our engineers worked hard and this month there are big updates that will definitely help our users gain more insights from the real end-to-end tests in Loadero.

WebRTC dump format change for Mozilla Firefox

Our customers, who use Loadero for testing WebRTC applications, also work with the full WebRTC internals dumps that Loadero provides for each participant in the results report. Previously WebRTC dump formats were different for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and naming of fields was different. Due to that analysis of the dumps took a longer time. We have finally done our own mapper from those names to the same naming format that Google Chrome uses. So now you are able to use the same code to parse both dumps. This also allows us to parse them in asserts as well as render charts for Mozilla Firefox WebRTC dumps.

Did you know that we also offer a free guide to testing WebRTC applications with Loadero? It’s an 18-page document with step-by-step instructions to help you create your first WebRTC tests.

Results for aborted tests are now available

While a test is still running, you can always abort it by clicking the “Stop” button, there could be different reasons for this. Previously such aborted tests had no result reports at all, so whatever was the reason to stop the run, it provided no valuable information. We made a change to that recently.

Now, if you have aborted a test run, the metrics still will be gathered by Loadero and the results report will be generated. It may not be full, as some participants might not finish, or didn’t even start the test run. But we made sure that Loadero now shows whatever information could be collected to provide it for your analysis even if something went wrong with your test.

Result metrics calculation time improved

If you already launched a test in Loadero, you might know that generating results reports takes some time, but when you switch between different result views, they also take a short period of time to load. There are Loadero users, who work with results of test runs with hundreds, even thousands of participants, and we want to save our user’s time wherever possible. So last month a lot of work to improve performance in result metric calculation was made, and we are proud to say that load times for result views were significantly decreased. Now you get all the data we provide in the result reports faster and can save some time analyzing them. We also have a blog post about results reports, make sure to take a look if you are new to Loadero.

Sharing our knowledge about load testing

Members of our team write posts to this blog to help you learn how to use Loadero for your different testing needs or sharing something useful to learn about testing in general. Last month we summed up some information about preparing and running a load test based on the experience of engineers in Loadero, who ran a lot of those, and published that in a blog post. Make sure to read it if you are working on a load test creation or are just planning one. If you need any additional help with running your load test, don’t hesitate to use our support webchat to ask us for advice or order a load test created and launched for you by our team.

Load test

New browser version added

Google Chrome 91 was released recently and you can configure this browser version for your test participants in Loadero. We are always trying to add the latest released browser version to Loadero as soon as possible, and with Mozilla Firefox 89 release planned on June 1st, we are already working to add it. You will be able to configure that version for your test participants very soon, so don’t forget to make sure your application works perfectly on that.

These are all the changes we made to Loadero in May to help you improve your web applications testing. There weren’t many small improvements last month, instead we were focusing on bigger changes that we are excited to share, and we are sure they will ease your testing. There is a lot more coming soon to Loadero, so make sure to keep an eye on our updates. If you need a feature in Loadero that is not present at the moment or would like to share your opinion about our tool, feel free to write us an email about that, your feedback is very appreciated.