What’s New In Loadero (September 2021)

September was a busy month for our team. With some of the vacations still happening, we worked hard to make our tool even better for you and also created and ran tests for some of our customers. While work on some features is still in progress, in this blog post we share what was changed in Loadero in September.

New browser versions added

Mozilla Firefox 92, Google Chrome 93 and 94 were released recently and those versions are already available in Loadero to be configured for test participants in your tests. It is a good practice to run your existing tests with the newest browsers configured to make sure the application performs the same as with previous versions.

Bugfix for empty classification filters

We made this important bugfix that affects our API users. If you are using Loadero’s API, make sure to check if this applies to you. Previously if you were filtering all Performance tests, you would use `GET /tests/?filter_test_mode=performance`. The bug was that if `GET /tests/?filter_test_mode= was used, then no results were returned, when in fact it should have been equal to `GET /tests/ (no filter at all). But this bug was found and is already fixed now. If you have faced any issues while using our API, feel free to contact our support using the web chat in the Loadero’s interface, we are there to help you.

VAT status validation

Loadero is registered in the EU and we have to apply value-added tax to our billing in some cases. Previously if a customer provided an invalid VAT ID, that automatically resulted in a subscription creation with VAT to be applied to all the invoices in this subscription. To make sure our users don’t have to pay extra when they shouldn’t, we added VAT status validation that checks the VAT status and will prevent automatic subscription creation if the provided VAT number isn’t valid.

Deprecation warning: we’ll be making result “start” and “end” times nullable

We recently made results for participants of an aborted test run available if the participants finished test execution before a user aborted the test run. Along with that, some other changes are coming soon. One of those changes coming is that the result “start” and “end” times will be nullable. Such structure will be used to identify participants that got aborted before they managed to start the test.  By the end of October we will be removing machine_stats from GET /projects/{projectID}/tests/{testID}/runs/{runID}/results/statistics/. Instead, the data will be available in the same request under the metrics key. If you used those in your tests, make sure to check if that is something you used in your tests and make the necessary edits so our future changes do not have any impact on them.

These are all the changes made to Loadero in September. We have a lot more coming soon and are very excited to let you know about the newest features we add. Is there something that would make your tests in Loadero more effective? Let us know, your feedback is very important to us.