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What’s New In Loadero (February 2022)

Last month of winter is over and the spirit of spring is already in the air. We did a lot of work to improve Loadero last month, but the last week of February was filled with shocking events for us, as it was for the whole world. We support the people of Ukraine suffering from what happens in their country right now and every day we hope that it ends soon. There is nothing more important than peace, and we hope it will be restored soon.

We are sharing the latest updates to Loadero, but our hearts are with all the Ukrainians.

Measure execution time of a function

Execution time measurement

One of the most anticipated features we added to Loadero recently is the new custom command for measuring the execution time of functions.  It allows timing the execution of some flow in a website during a test run such as logging in, checking out in an e-commerce site, joining a WebRTC call. Results from this command can be used in the post-run analysis. Besides just measuring the execution time you can also add a timeout setting to set your expectation, and if execution takes longer than that, an error will be thrown. Use of the command will produce a log that contains information about the execution duration and its start and end time as Unix timestamps.

Visit our wiki to learn using the new custom command in Javascript, Java and Python.

Base framework updated to Selenium 4

Selenium 4

Another major update that happened in February was the update to Selenium 4 released last year. Selenium is a very important part of Loadero, which allows us to simulate real users by automating browsers at scale. Selenium 4 has a lot of interesting additions, which you can use in your tests, so if you haven’t explored its capabilities yet, make sure to read about the release.

New browser versions added

Browser versions

Have you launched your tests with the latest browsers configured for the test participants recently? In February we added support for the newly released Mozilla Firefox 97 and Google Chrome 98 browsers, so you can use those now in your tests. If you haven’t used those for your test participants yet, consider doing that to check performance.

Other small changes

Among other smaller changes, the Loadero application migrated to the new domain – app.loadero.com and some small bug fixes were made. We want to say thanks to all the users, who shared their feedback about Loadero. This helps us make the tool better and allows us to fix even the smallest bugs quickly.

These are all the noticeable updates we made to Loadero last month. Currently, we are working on even more exciting new features that we are looking forward to adding to Loadero soon. While we work hard to release those, our hearts are with the people in Ukraine, and we sincerely hope that soon the situation there changes.